Brisket pastry basket with cod mousse and sweet and sour onion
Seared octopus tentacle on turmeric potato cream.
Shrimps with crispy thread.
Roselle of swordfish with lemon and pink pepper.


Rice timbale with red pumpkin and shrimps on octopus ragout
Fresh pasta with mullet, mussels, cherry tomatoes and wild fennel.


According to
Salmon ingot in a black sesame crust on leek fondant and sea urchin emulsion.
Parsley potatoes.


Christmas sweets.
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Bread and breadsticks handmade by chef Piero.
Wine Tenute Orestiadi Grillo Sicilia DOC cl 75 vol. 12.5.
Geraci still and sparkling water cl 75 ● Coffee ● Bitter
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